ERN-RED appointed as Risk Manager Specialist of CCRIF SPC

Starting on September 1st, 2015, a joint venture formed by the firms ERN and RED has been appointed the Risk Manager Specialist of CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility). This institution, at this time with a membership of 17 countries (16 in the Caribbean region plus Nicaragua), has the mission of assisting member governments and their communities in understanding and reducing the socio-economic and environmental impacts of natural catastrophes, by way of providing immediate liquidity through a range of affordable innovative insurance products.

The consortium ERN/RED comprises many years of experience in the activities related to its new functions as Risk Manager Specialist for CCRIF SPC, including the development of risk models for the insurance industry in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, as well as previous participation in the design of conventional and non-conventional risk-transfer instruments. The ERN/RED consortium in its new role of Risk Manager Specialist was introduced to the Board of CCRIF SPC during the Board Meeting in Grenada on September 9th, 2015.

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