First CCRIF payout to Trinidad and Tobago after heavy rainfall on October 18th-20th

Between the 18th and the 20th of October 2017, heavy rainfall affected the island of Trinidad causing widspread flooding. Central and south Trinidad were some of the hardest hit areas, with some locations reportedly being under five feet of water. There was also damage along the country’s north coast, leaving people there marooned as well.

An event report was generated by RED – Risk Engineering + Design, part of the CCRIF Risk Management Specialist Team, assessing the event and corresponding damages, for Trinidad and Tobago. The report describes the results on CCRIF member country Trinidad and Tobago of the Excess of Rainfall Model for the Caribbean developed by RED. The Caribbean Rainfall Model indicated that a Covered Area Rainfall Event (CARE) was activates in the island of Trinidad, starting on October 18th and ending on the 20th. As a consequence of the heavy rainfall, the Rainfall Index Loss (RIL) calculated for this CARE was above the Attachment Point of the country’s Excess Rainfall policy and generated the first CCRIF payout to Trinidad and Tobago.

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