Monitoring of the Excess Rainfall (XSR) Loss Model for Central America and the Caribbean via a web-based system


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In this project, a monitoring system of the Excess Rain (XSR) model was implemented and maintained using a web platform. The web platform allows for the display of the exposure, hazard and loss data; the last two datasets are updated daily. In addition, the web platform displays the status of each country from the point of view of occurring rainfall-related natural disasters and the list of past and current XSR events.

The main activities included in this project are listed below:

  • Development of automatic daily procedures for downloading the input data, running the XSR model and post processing the output data
  • Development of a web-based platform for displaying the exposure, hazard and loss data as well as country-specific information and reports.
  • Definition of protocols for activating the procedures required in case of a loss or trigger event.
  • Continuous monitoring of the system performed daily by staff personnel specifically trained

The near real time flood mapping tool is based on Google Maps APIs and is compatible with the main browsers currently available on the market (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). It includes a specific section for each of the countries involved in the project. In this section, all the country-specific data related to the latest events, model parameters, policy conditions and latest hazard/losses maps are displayed. The data fed into the XSR model and managed by the web platform are automatically fetched in continuous on a daily basis from the original sources. At the same time, all the outputs of the model are automatically processed in order to be displayed through the web platform.


Near real-time loss assessment for rapid insurance payments

Specifically-designed software

Web-based tool for real time loss monitoring






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