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Highly specialised consulting services in the field of Risk Assessment for natural and man-made disasters

RED assists its clients in understanding and quantifying the risk caused by:

Earthquakes Excess rain Tropical Cyclones Drought Tsunamis

Seismic and Flood Hazard Evaluation
Exposure Modeling
Expert's insight
We evaluate Ground-up and Insured Losses on Property Portfolios

Our Services

Risk assessment

Understanding flood and earthquake risks is a complex task. At RED, we employ the most updated models to disentangle this complexity and provide clear answers to our clients.
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Services for the insurance industry

Whether you are interested in establishing a parametric insurance programme, or you want a real-time platform to monitor losses from natural disasters, RED offers you a wide range of tailored services to meet your needs.
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Vulnerability analysis

We assess vulnerabilities of assets, businesses and crops to natural disasters, to help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your system and assist you define optimal solutions.
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Hazard analysis

RED's staff include expert hydrological, flood, drought and earthquake modellers, who employ the most up-to-date tools to provide our clients with the best possible assessment of natural hazards in all areas of the world, including where data is scarce.
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Exposure datasets

We produce and provide case-specific databases of exposure (population, buildings, etc.) at several levels of spatial and administrative aggregation.
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To become a knowledge-hub for a better understanding of natural and man-made risks and management of emergencies, in order to create risk modelling and engineering solutions to assess, prevent and manage such risks.
Establishing and nurturing tight connections with all the members of the risk modelling community (individual experts, research institutions, practitioners and enterprises), RED is engaged in several risk modelling projects with international organisations, the corporate sector and the insurance industry.
Aside its own research facilities and offices in Pavia, (Italy), RED can draw further resources thanks to its close working relationships with a number of academic research centres also located in Northern Italy, such as:

We provide services for countries in Europe North America Central America South America Africa Asia as already done in the past...

We have performed hazard and risk analysis in many countries of the world

Introducing the Most Updated Pan European Probabilistic Earthquake Model

Hazard, Exposure and Vulnerability models for the Earthquake Risk assessment of 44 countries in Europe
Based on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, software and data.

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This software addresses Hazard, Exposure and Vulnerability to Earthquake of 44 countries in Europe. Based on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, software and data, this software tackles the generation of all the components needed for the evaluation of the risk of earthquake at country scale, employing sound approaches for its validation.


We cover the entire continent


All building types for every country


Models constantly updated


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