External Advisors

RED counts on several external advisors from a variety of academic and private sector institutions.

  • Prof. Paolo Bazzurro is full professor of Structural Engineering at IUSS Pavia (Italy) and earned his MSc and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering at Stanford University, where he has been part-time Consulting Assistant Professor for 4 years. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in consulting engineering firms in Europe and United States. He is a structural engineer and holds a professional engineer certification in Italy. His expertise is in the application of probability and statistics to civil engineering problems. Most of his projects dealt with earthquake and wind engineering risk assessments to a variety of structures both on-shore and offshore.
  • Prof. Mario Ordaz is a civil engineer and researcher at the University of Mexico City (UNAM). He holds a long-standing expertise in seismic design and seismic risk assessment, both in academia and in the private sector. He has received multiple awards for his ground-breaking work in civil engineering research. His main research interests include natural catastrophe risks, with special focus on sesimic risk.
  • Dr Vitor Silva is a Seismic Risk Engineer at the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation (Pavia, Italy). He received his PhD from the University of Aveiro in Portugal in Risk Engineering, where he also obtained a MSc degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. Dr. Silva has conducted studies in structural vulnerability and probabilistic seismic risk assessment in countries such as Portugal, Turkey or Italy. Dr. Silva has participated in various national and regional projects (SHARE, SYNER-G, SARA, PRISE) and led workshops regarding earthquake loss estimation in Istanbul, Potsdam, Kathmandu and Bishkek.