Environmental Engineer - Catastrophe Risk Analyst

Flood Hazard and Risk Analysis

Anna is working in risk evaluation and disaster risk management for natural risks. She has previously worked as coordinator of the volcanic risk project at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) in Mexico City for FONDEN (Natural Disaster Fund), a program devoted to natural risks evaluation for Mexico. She has taught master’s classes of volcanic risk to civil engineers at UNAM. She has worked as operational manager of the South-America Regional Program for the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) project after receiving her degree in environmental engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy).

Anna is interested in data collection, data analyses and graphic and geographic data representation about historical and current natural events. She is working on tropical cyclones, floods events, earthquakes and droughts. Her current work is mainly focused on building event databases for risk evaluation and risk management, as well as on real-time monitoring for earthquakes, tropical cyclones and severe rainfall events.

  • Phone: (+39) 0382-22518
  • Email: anna (dot) mottadelli (at) redrisk (dot) com