COO - Earthquake Risk Senior Manager

Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis

Ettore Fagà is currently project manager for seismic hazard and risk analyses at RED. Since he joined RED in 2013, he has been working on the development of earthquake risk models. From 2009 to 2013 he collaborated with the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE, Italy) in the development of different research projects about seismic design and assessment of buildings and industrial facilities. In 2012 he was also involved in the field inspections after the Emilia-Romagna earthquake carried out by the Italian Department of Civil Protection. In 2009 he was Site Manager Assistant at Consorzio Forcase (L’Aquila) for the C.A.S.E. project, a large project that included the construction of 185 seismically isolated buildings to accommodate 15,000 people after the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake. He holds a PhD and MSc degree in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology from The Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS) in Pavia (Italy). He obtained his BSc (2006) and MEng (2008) degrees in Structural Engineering at the University of Pavia (Italy).

His current work is mainly focused on the analysis of earthquakes and tropical cyclones impact and on the development of risk models to predict it, focusing especially on the development of vulnerability models, the generation of exposure databases and on the elaboration of loss assessment analyses. His activity also comprises the assessment of seismic response of buildings (single buildings or portfolio of buildings) by means of nonlinear finite element analyses. Among other projects, he was involved in the development of the RED/ERN Pan-European Earthquake Risk Model and in the World Bank-unded project for the elaboration of National Level Earthquake Risk Profiles for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Selected publications:

  • Fagà, E., Ceresa, P., Nascimbene, R., Moratti, M., & Pavese, A. (2016). Modelling curved surface sliding bearings with bilinear constitutive law: effects on the response of seismically isolated buildings. Materials and Structures, 49(6), 2179-2196.
  • Fagà, E., Rassati, G. A., & Nascimbene, R. (2012). Seismic design of elevated steel tanks with concentrically braced supporting frames. In Structures Congress 2012 (pp. 1473-1484).
  • Fagà, E., Bianco, P., Bolognini, D., & Nascimbene, R. Comparison between numerical and experimental cyclic response of alternative column to foundation connections of reinforced concrete precast structures. Third International fib Congress and Exhibition, Washington D.C., 29 May-2 June 2010.
  • Phone: (+39) 0382-22518
  • Email: ettore (dot) faga (at) redrisk (dot) com