Scientific advisor

Flood Hazard and Risk Analysis

Mario L.V. Martina is scientific advisor at RED. He is also senior researcher at IUSS - School of Advanced Study, Pavia (Italy) in hydrology and adjunct professor at the University of Bologna (Italy). He is lecturer in Hydrology and Flood Risk at the University of Bologna and in Loss Adjustment of Natural Disaster in the Master course Risk Engineering and Loss Adjustment at Cineas - Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy). His research activity is mainly focused on probabilistic approaches for natural hazards and risk assessment, physically-based hydrological models and assessment of uncertainty in the prediction. He received his degree in Civil Environmental Engineering and his PhD in Physically Based Modeling for the Environmental Protection at the University of Bologna. He obtained an MSc in Risk Engineering and Loss Adjustment at Cineas - Polytechnic University of Milan. He participated to several EU funded research projects (MUSIC, MITCH, FLOODsite, EcoStress) and Italian research projects (Cubist, MisPor, MiDA). He has been visiting researcher at numerous academic institutions including the MIT, the Oregon State University and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He has been research fellow within the Willis Research Network and consultant for several Insurance/Re-Insurance Company and brokers for the scientific and technical review of catastrophe models. He has been consultant for several research institution or public administration including the Environmental Agency and the Civil Protection.

Selected publications:

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  • Martina, M.L. and Entekhabi, D., 2006. Identification of runoff generation spatial distribution using conventional hydrologic gauge time series. Water resources research, 42(8).
  • Curriculum vitae:
  • Phone: (+39) 0382-22518
  • Email: mario (dot) martina (at) redrisk (dot) com